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We can help. We can offer finance to suit those with CCJ’s and missed mortgage payments.

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Whatever the reason for your loan, Best Rate Loans will help you find the perfect match.

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Need to sort out the your credit card bills or consolidate loans, no problem.

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Best Rate Loans offer an immediate decision in principle, the fastest and most convenient solution for you.

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We can offer the best solution for you if you are planning a family holiday.

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Whether you want a loan for home improvements, a holiday or to consolidate your debts, we can help you get the money you need.

Frequently asked questions

I have mortgage arrears and CCJ’s. Can I still get a loan?
We have 100s of products available and we’ll search to find lenders to accommodate your circumstances.
I am self employed. Can you help me?
We can help clients who are self employed, with or without accounts.
I want the loan for a car and consolidation. Is this OK?
You can choose to spend the loan on whatever you like. It’s up to you.
Your dream house?
Some repair?
Your dream car?
Buy new electronics?
Need new devices?
Need money?

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Call Now to Speak with an Agent

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